IADR CED Robert Frank Award

This scientific award is provided in honour of Prof. Dr. Robert Frank, former President of IADR and CED, and one of the founders of CED. The prize is based on a poster competition and the rules are very similar to those applied for the IADR Unilever Hatton Competition & Awards.

The CED-Board encourages young CED-members to take part in the CED Robert Frank Award Competition. From the winners, the CED Robert Frank Award jury may select individuals to represent CED at the 2014 IADR Unilever Hatton Competition & Awards in Cape Town, South Africa, June 25-29, 2014.

In order to participate in the CED Robert Frank Award Competition, an abstract should be submitted in accordance with the general abstract guidelines for the IADR General Session. Using the online abstract submission process, the applicants must indicate that they wish to participate in the CED Robert Frank Award Competition by checking the box representing the respective category they wish to compete in (see below). The abstract submission deadline is January 13, 2014. On the abstract form and poster, the entrant must be listed as the first author and presenter of the abstract. Co-authors, if any, should also be listed, both on the abstract and the poster. In order to be considered for the competition, the contestant's research must not before have been published or presented at any major scientific meeting.

Due to the increasing number of applications, the CED Board decided for the CED Robert Frank Award Competition to make a pre-selection out of all abstracts submitted for the competition. All applicants will be informed by email on the results of this pre-selection. Once having passed this pre-selection, the candidates can present their poster during a separate and closed poster session for the CED Robert Frank Award jury.

The CED Robert Frank Award Competition will take place during the IADR General Session in June, 2014

In each category, two prizes will be awarded, consisting of a first prize of 1.000 EURO and a second prize of 500 EURO. The Robert Frank Award is awarded no more than twice in a row to the same person with the next participation only allowed five years later.

Categories of the Competition

Junior Robert Frank Award
This competition will be limited to those candidates who have carried out their research as an undergraduate student, and thus are enrolled in a bachelor or master curriculum.

Senior Robert Frank Award
To compete in the Senior Robert Frank Award competition, one must be enrolled in a post-graduate or PhD program, or have obtained his/her PhD degree at maximum three years ago. Depending on the kind of research, the Senior Category is divided into two sections:

• Clinical Research, involving research on human subjects, or involving epidemiology.
• Basic Science Research, involving laboratory or animal research.

2012 Award Recipients
- Junior Robert Frank Award: 
- 1st prize: Ashvin Babbar, London, UK
- 2nd prize Sadhvik Vijay, London, UK
- Senior Robert Frank Award: Basic Science: 
- 1st prize: Sasha Dimitrova-Nakov, Paris, France
- 1st prize: Danijela Marovic, Zegreb, Croatia
- Senior Robert Frank Award: Clinical Research 
- 1st prize: Martin Schimmel, Geneva, Switzerland

2009 Award Recipients 
(only first-price awards were given):
- Junior Robert Frank Award:
- 1st prize: Maria Patrizia De Caprio, Napoli, Italy
- Senior Robert Frank Award: Basic Science:
- 1st prize: Athina Bakopoulou, Thessaloniki, Greece
- 1st prize: Yu-Chih Chiang, Munich, Germany
- Senior Robert Frank Award: Clinical Research
- 1st prize: Kerstin Bitter, Berlin, Germany
- 1st prize: Florian Beuer, Munich, Germany

From these winners, Athina Bakopoulou and Yu-Chih Chiang were selected to represent CED at the 2010 IADR/Unilever Hatton Competition & Awards in Barcelona, Spain.
The CED-Board congratulates all Robert Frank Award winners!

If you have any questions concerning the CED Robert Frank Award, please contact the CED Secretariat via ced.iadr@uz.kuleuven.ac.be.


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