IADR Education Research Group Grant

The Education Research Group (ERG) Education Research Grant is designed to provide “seed” money for any educational research endeavor that leads to the promotion or dissemination of effective learning and/or teaching activities in dental education.
The ERG invites proposals of up to US $1,000 each. All members of the ERG except ERG Research Grant Committee members and specially appointed reviewers are eligible to apply.
The primary purposes of this grant are to:

  • encourage high quality educational research projects;
  • promote collaborations to enhance new and existing projects and partnerships;
  • support dissemination of good practice to a wider audience; and
  • encourage feasibility studies in innovative areas.

Application procedures may be found on the ERG Website.


Applications for the annual award of up to $US 1000 should be sent to the Education Research Group Secretary and must be received by the 1st of February on annual basis. The ERG Secretary’s contact email can be found on the ERG main page.

Projects may vary in length but should begin within three months of receipt of the grant and must be completed within two years. Only fully completed proposal forms that reach the ERG committee by the deadline, two monts prior to the IADR General Session of any given year, will be considered for funding. The names of the grant recipient(s) will be announced at the ERG Business Meeting held at the IADR Annual Session.

There is no limit to the number of proposals that a single individual or group may make and joint proposals from more than one institution are encouraged. Previously unsuccessful applicants may reapply. Potential applicants with questions are encouraged to contact the ERG Secretary.
Recipients will be required to make an oral presentation of the results of their research at a subsequent IADR meeting. It will be expected that projects, once completed, will be published in peer-reviewed international journals with appropriate acknowledgement of the ERG. Copies of any published papers should be forwarded to the Secretary of the ERG.

Proposals will only be accepted from members of the ERG. Funds will be allocated on the basis of a competitive process, judged by the members of the ERG Research Grant Committee using the criteria described below.

Criteria for evaluating proposals

The general criteria to be applied in evaluating projects will include:

  • Importance: The rationale and importance of the research are clearly stated.
  • Objectives: The purpose or hypotheses are clearly identified.
  • Research methodology: The critical steps in the methodology are identified and described adequately. The methodology is consistent with existing knowledge and relevant to the objectives. The sample sizes, controls, statistical tests are correctly chosen for the nature of the study.
  • Analysis: The data analysis protocol that will be used for the project is clearly described.
  • Appropriateness of the proposal: The research proposal is relevant to dental education and the implications for education practice are discussed.
  • Justification for the grant: The funding requested is justified? The budget is good value for the money? The proposed work is feasible and practical and the timetable is appropriate?
  • Qualifications of the applicant: The applicant provides evidence of appropriate expertise to carry out the proposal?

Once the educational research proposal is received, the following process will occur:

  • Proposals will be checked by the ERG Educational Research Grant Committee Chair for completeness. Applicants will be given feedback about incomplete submissions if there is time to do so before the deadline.
  • All proposals will be assessed by three ERG evaluators using an assessment form based on the defined criteria.
  • The final decision on the project(s) to be funded will be made by the ERG Educational Research Grant Committee. Successful applicant(s) will be notified at the ERG Annual Business Meeting.
  • Authors of rejected proposals will be given feedback provided by the reviewers on why the project was not funded and how the proposal could be improved.
  • For successful proposals, the ERG Educational Research Grant Committee will draw up a letter of agreement to be signed by the grant holder (or appropriate institutional authority) and the Chair of the ERG Committee. This should be countersigned by the appropriate person in the institution in order to show support from the institution. A sample letter of agreement is available.
  • Payment will be made in two installments; half at the commencement of the project and the remainder only after recipients have completed the research and presented the results at an ERG session during an IADR Meeting.

The ERG Education Research Grant will not normally fund:

  • Purchase of computer hardware, e.g. PCs;
  • Areas which are already partially funded elsewhere (e.g. Educational research projects funded by national agencies)
  • Travel;
  • Conference registration fees;
  • Additional claims for taxes which is the responsibility of the grant holder;
  • Expenses incurred in excess of the original amount contracted for in writing.
  • No member of the ERG committee (or anyone else) has the authority to extend the project timing or funding either verbally or in writing without formal processes occurring.

Letter of Agreement

This letter of agreement sets out the arrangements for an ERG project grant made to [name of grant recipient and institution]. The grant is $1000, half of which ($500) will be distributed at the start of the project and the remainder will be awarded after completion and presentation of the findings. This grant is awarded to proposal number [#], [title of project] and will cover the period [date to and from]. The general aim of the ERG grant is to help promote research leading to the development of effective learning and teaching activities in dental education.

Work to be conducted
The work to be conducted by [name of grant holder], and the timetable for the work, is described in the attached project proposal together with supplementary documents agreed between the grant holder and the ERG.

Project management and reporting
The grant holder will be responsible for carrying out the project in a timely and financially accountable manner including presentation at an IADR General Session. The ERG will monitor the progress of the project, and will require brief progress reports (c. 500 words) at six-monthly intervals. Any disagreements between the grant holder and the ERG will be referred to the IADR Council for arbitration.

Financial arrangements
Payments of monies will be made on a subcontract basis from the ERG committee. The arrangements for payment of the grant is as follows:

  • One half of the agreed sum in U.S. dollars will be made available when this letter of agreement has been signed by both parties.
  • The remainder of the grant will be paid following satisfactory completion of the project and a presentation of findings is made at IADR.
  • An accounting of the disposition of all funds must be included in a final grant report. Any funds unspent at the end of the project must be returned by ERG

Agreement of parties to this letter of agreement
Chair, ERG Educational Research Grant Committee: ERG Educational Research Grant Recipient


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